Black/Blue/Grey WODs

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
3 Reps Bench Press (185/125) (125/75) (75/45)
5 Reps Back Squat (225/155) (155/95) (95/65)

*Can Substitute Push Ups for Bench Press (must do the number of reps equal to the weights first 2 numbers, example 185 = 18 Push Ups)

Rob Orlando 19 rounds + 3 bench, Jeremy Thiel 16 rounds + 3 bench,Kristan Clever 15 rounds + 2 bench (125lb bench, 155lb squat), Jake Cutting 14 rounds + 3 squat, Russell Berger 13 rounds, Nick Lobotsky 10 rounds + 3 bench.
Post rounds completed to comments.

March “COOL” Board

–  Deb – 1st Kipping Pull Up Ever!!!
–  Adam P. – 1 Arm Pull Up
–  Jaime – 100 Consecutive Double Unders
–  Max – 1st GHD Sit-Up
-  Bobby – Best time on any March challenge event (Throwdown Series Event 1 Part 1)
-  Adam P. – Deadlift 350#
-  Justin – 30 Consecutive Butterfly Pull Ups
–  Jodi – 1st Ring Dip Ever!

–  Shelley – 5 Ring Consecutive Ring Dips
–  Melanie – Climbed ALL the Way Up the Rope!

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23 Responses to 3/9/11

  1. Bobby says:

    Hey if you wanna watch Spealler teach another person how not to get the hang of butterflies check out the mainsite haha

  2. Jeremy Yoder says:

    –Toes to Bars/G to Overhead – 1 Rd + 30 TTB + 3 GTO
    –2 Min Challenge – Burpees – 36

    –Ring Dips (Subed for MU)/Dead L / Walking Lunges – Blue – 17:15

    We leave late day tommorrow for Sunny Cancun…I have over a dozen WOD’s to choose from packed into my phone so I don’t start to miss you guys 🙂 See you late next week!

    • Jeremy Yoder says:

      Wife didn’t want to get out of bed this am….so I got 1 more WOD in 🙂

      Bench / Back Squat … slightly adjusted

      Bench – Platinum Weight – 215 (instead of 185 black)
      Back Squat – Blue Weight – 185

      9 Rounds total with the first round bench @ 225 #

  3. Adam P says:

    Hey Ramsey, you ready for a challenge?

    Today’s WOD =
    145 lb bench, 185 lb back squat = 11 rounds

  4. Justin says:

    Make-up of Sunday’s WOD: Rx’d 17:49
    4 rds:
    7 MU
    15 Deadlifts (225#)
    30 walking lunges

    Started it off right with a March goal of 3 consecutive MUs. Cool Board me up!

  5. Todd says:

    Today’s WOD: Blue (125# bench, 155# back squat). 12 rounds and 1 bench.

  6. Todd says:

    I signed up for the games today. It seemed that I joined the CrossFit 515 team okay, but I’m not showing up as a member…must be the bug to which you were referring. And Northern California? I like north ca.! t.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Today’s wod NOT rx’d 🙁 – 9 rounds + 6 reps (85# bench the first 2 – or 3? – rounds, then 75# bench, and 135# squat). Strength is my weakness. Thanks for the encouragement, Brian!

  8. Bart says:

    Nothing like pairing up a strength with a weakness. Now if only they would have switched the weights for bench and squat.

    Today’s WOD as Rx’d – 13 rounds + 3 reps.

  9. Jaime says:

    Todays WOD (Bench 105#, Back Squat rxd 155#) – 5 Rounds
    Actually kinda happy with my lonely 5 rounds considering I stuck with 105 on bench which is 10# less than my max. Think I also set the record for the world’s slowest bench on a couple of them today 🙂

    Nice job this afternoon, Bart, it’s so crazy how easy you make bench look! And all us girls thank you for the bench tips- I’ll need to try max again soon and put your pointers to use.

    • Bart says:

      No problem Jaime! Way to stick it out with 105#. I can’t imagine doing that workout with 90% of my max. Hopefully some of the bench suggestions will help you guys out. Probably would have been a litle more useful if I went over those before the workout. LOL.

  10. Brian says:

    Black WOD RX: 10 rounds even. I thought the bench would fall apart and it ended up being the squats. Darn.

  11. Jaime says:

    Challenge for Adam S. 🙂

    Any of the following 3 WODs from Midwestern Sectionals last year. I think I plan to do all of them on Saturday anyways.

    “Air Force” WOD:
    20-Thrusters (95/65)
    20-Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)
    20-Push jerks (95/65)
    20-Overhead squats (95/65)
    20-Front Squats (95/65)
    **4 strict burpees on the min each min (including first min).

    WOD 2:
    AMRAP in 5:00 of Clean & Jerk (155/105)

    “54321” WOD:
    For Reps:
    5 minutes of Rowing for calories
    4 minutes of Box Jumps for reps (24/20)
    3 minutes of hang squat snatches for reps (75/45)
    2 minutes of wall balls for reps (20/16)
    1 minute of Hand Stand Push Ups for reps

  12. nick says:

    ash did your challenge..2:25

    • Ash says:

      Nice job, Nick! You smoked me…I was just over 4 min if my memory serves me right. I guess you didn’t struggle with the 270lbs farmer walk/balance part like i did…I dropped the weight a few times just short of 10m!

    • Lindsay says:

      Whoa! Good job, Nick! I though Ash was going super fast on this one – you must have killed it! Ash, I think 4:10 was your exact time.

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