FREE “Total Food Makeover”

“Total Food Makeover”

Feel Better *  Live Longer * Eat Smarter  *  Heal Faster

WHAT: Free workshop for Crossfit community

WHEN: Thursday 3/24 @ 6:30 pm & Saturday 3/26 @ 10 am (NOTE: UPDATED DATES!)

WHERE: CrossFit 515


Toxic Foods: How to identify them, eliminate them from your shopping list and replace them with healthy options you will LOVE!

Diet Myths: Fat does NOT make you fat, high cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease…Learn the truths!

Cravings:  How to beat food addictions once and for all!

21st Century Foods

TOXINS exist in 3,000 food additives, preservatives and colorings for use in the food supply. The average person will ingest 140-150 pounds of additives and chemicals every year, creating a serious imbalance within the body. FAT is created by the body to safely store the toxins and protect your body. TOXIC CELLS block nutrients, rob your energy, contaminate your body, affect your moods and have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity.

More Info: or 515-250-3703

Also: Be sure to check out the NEW Nutrition Programs being offered at CrossFit 515.

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