Black/Blue/Grey WODs

For time:
Row 1K
50 Dumbbell snatch (40/30)(30/20)(20/10)
Row 750m
35 Dumbbell snatch (40/30)(30/20)(20/10)
Row 500m
20 Dumbbell snatch (40/30)(30/20)(20/10)

These are one-arm squat snatches, alternating arms.

Josh Everett 15:57, Kristan Clever 16:39 (30lb db), Rebecca Voigt 18:14 (30lb db), Katie Hogan 18:54 (30lb db), Pam Eamranond 18:55 (25lb db).
Post time to comments.

February “COOL” Board

–  Ramsey – 1st Muscle-Up Ever!
–  Justin – Overhead Squat 115# (got 145#)
–  Jasmine – 5 Consecutive Pull-Ups
–  Ramsey – HSPU on the Ice
–  Jodi – Double digit Pull Ups (12)
-  Krista – “Grace” Rx’d (95#)
-  Jaime – 1st Strict HSPU
–  Krista – 16 Consecutive Double Unders!
–  Lindsay – 95# Snatch
–  Ash – 3 Consecutive Muscle Ups
-  Mike R – Pull-up without a band
–  Laura – 150 Pull-Ups in “Eva”
–  Janet – PR on “Annie” by 7 minutes

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40 Responses to 2/24/11

  1. Bobby says:

    So I lose 1 race to a 9 year old (the biggest and fastest 9 and A HALF year old you’ve ever seen) and we gotta plaster it all over the website, who’s running this thing, clearly they are not on my side 🙂

  2. Susan Katelman says:

    Bobby, you need to face the fact that you are not getting any younger! You can always participate in our 8:30 group…

  3. Mitch says:

    Challenge option 1 it is. Should get to it in the next couple of days.

  4. kylie says:

    Callout! Jasmine!!
    For time:
    75 Power Snatches(45lbs)

    3 Rounds
    10 Deadlifts(155lbs)
    30 GHD situps

    10 WallBall shots(14)
    20 Kettle Bell Swings(35)
    30 GHD Situps
    40 Air Squats
    50 Single Jump Rope
    60 Burpees


  5. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Rowing / 40# Snatch Squat – RX – 20:46
    Not my best effort…feeling a little under the weather the last couple days….taking Saturday and Sunday both off to recover…..

    Bart! – Congrats on your 100th WOD post on the whiteboard buddy!

  6. Adam P says:

    WOD today 19:28…as Brian pointed out none of the squat snatches counted due to not going below parallel.

    YODER! Here are your options! I challenge you to a duel!

    #1. I want to be 20 again…..…with a 20lb vest
    20 – walking lunges
    20 – box jumps 20 in box
    20 – pull ups
    20 – double unders
    20 – ring dips
    20 – knees to elbows
    20 – kettle bell swings 1.5 pood
    20 – hang squat cleans 75 lbs
    20 – back extensions
    20 – wall balls 20 lb
    1 – rope climb to top it off!

    #2. Mr. Clean – 15 squat cleans, 115 lbs – skin the cat 5 times, 21 squat cleans, 95 lbs – skin the cat 10 times, 27 squat cleans 75 lbs – skin the cat 15 times (must be a full squat clean and hips open at the top before bar goes back down, skin the cat must touch toes to floor in forward position and when rotated back toes much touch the ground)

    #3. 3 rounds – 20 pull ups 45lb vest, 20 back extentions (vest stays on)

    • Jeremy Yoder says:

      OK Adam….I understand that you would want to play to my weaknesses on your choices…that is expected….
      However, I cannot physically do a lot of the stuff in your challenges…..such as “skin the cat” due to my shoulder issue, rope climb…have not learned yet, Double Unders…cannot do yet…that completely rules out options 1 and 2…..leaving only option 3 in which I am abosolutely certain that I cannot do 60 pull-ups with a 45 lb vest on unless I had like 1/2 hour to kill to rest between sets……I do appreciate the variety…but in the spirit of me not just conceding and hanging you the win…..can I chose between some options that I can physically complete?

      • Lindsay says:

        So the spirit of the game is different when the tables are turned … hahaha

        • Jeremy Yoder says:

          No…not really….I thought the rules all along were that you cant challenge someone to do something that they cannot physically do….right? Such as….I cannot challenge you (Lindsey) to a Max Bench Press contest….and I cannot challenge Lance to Right arm 55 lb Dumbell Snatches becuase his shoulder is torn….ect…if I am off base here let me know 🙂

          • Bobby says:

            Kind of off base, not completely though. The rules I put in place were that you have to give the person at least 2 of your 3 options that they can physically do. That means that I cannot challenge someone to a skill in each workout that they cannot do (ex. pistols, handstand walks, rope climbs, etc.). However, if you can do them just not well, that does not count. So in your example, you could challenge Lindsay to max bench press for an option (except it would be 70% relationship). So my ruling would be that Adam has to give you at least 2 workouts that you can do, or give you options for skills you cannot do yet (ex. 3 jump ropes for 1 double under), however, that also gives him the option to do the scaled version.

      • Adam P says:

        Hey Yoder, my intent was not at all
        malicious as I did not know your limitations.
        I was not preying on your weaknesses but
        playing on my strengths. I apologize for that
        and withdraw these three options. I will post
        a new three tomorrow.

        • Jeremy Yoder says:

          No problem man, I knew that wasnt the intent….If I lose, I can lose gracefully….I just want to make sure I get a chance to at least finish the challenge

  7. Brian says:

    18:17. Adam P, I was joking around! I only said that because you said I had no prayer of beating you! Your squats were fine, just trying to get under your skin! 🙂

  8. Lindsay says:

    Black wod rx’d – 19:59. My lower back did not enjoy today’s workout

  9. Bobby says:

    Black WOD as Rx’d – 15:42

    Was happy to get my goal and beat the old timer Mr. Josh Everett on this one

    Awesome job today Ash! You killed it!

  10. Todd says:

    Black wod rx’d – 23:58. A serving of humble pie. An easy looking movement that underscores my lack of shoulder flexibility and lower back flexibility.

  11. Todd says:

    Are you my next challenge? If so, based on approval, here are your options:

    #1. Hanging around. Total time of: a) dead drop hang, b) chin to bar hang, and c) handstand. (rest 2 minutes between each).

    #2. 50 bw deadlifts for time.

    #3. Climbin’, Rollin’, and Crawlin’. 5 rounds of: 1 rope climb, 5 forward rolls, and 19 squares of bear crawl.

  12. Tara says:

    Black WOD RX’d 24:04.
    A couple notes on this WOD.
    First, a HUGE THANKS to Z for the encouragement during my last set. I likely would have gone above 2:10 on rowing and I was planning on taking a break at my 10th Snatch until you said “Don’t step away, just keep going”.
    Second, the fact that I stayed under 2:10 and kept on going makes me regret taking some breaks during the first two sets. I should have been mentally stronger earlier (and I would not have made the mistake I did which leads into my third note).
    Third, when I stepped back after a break during the 2nd set of snatches, I picked up 25lb DB instead of 30lb. When I realized it, I had to take the time to re-do the 5 snatches at the RX’d weight so it fully counted as black wod. LESSON LEARNED!
    THANKS Z!!!

    • Jaime says:

      Tara, here is the link to the Throwdown Series we were talking about this morning.

      • Bart says:


        Are you guys doing this? If so, I’ll plan on signing up.

        • Lindsay says:

          I’m planning on doing it. Pretty sure Bobby and Jaime are too.

        • JaimeLM says:

          Yep, I plan on it. It is $7 to sign up (per week), if you want to be in the running for the prize money. Otherwise obviously anyone can do the workouts! Signup ends today for the first week I think, cause the 1st WOD is announced tomorrow.

          • Tara says:

            i am in for this which gets us 3 girls. Find another guy in the next 4 hours and we have chance to score higher for affiliate team score (if I read it right, you can score for both individual and team). Without 3 and 3, score gets last place for missing member. I’m not promising I’ll get much higher than last or that I’ll be able to do it all RX’d but figure it’s worth a shot.

      • Bart says:

        I just signed up for the Throwdown. Might be a little tough to get the workout in at the end of March since Justin and I will be in Kansas but we’ll figure something out.

    • Lindsay says:

      Glad my encouragement helped you through the last round! Awesome job!!

  13. Justin says:

    Black 25:53

    My body physically rejected this movement today. I’m with you Todd, it looks so easy! I know what I want my body to do, it’s just getting my body to listen!

  14. Jaime says:

    Black WOD as R’xd – 18:58
    Wow my legs are tired!!

    Tara, my question is why the 25# was even sitting next to you for you to get confused?!? No more of that 😉

  15. Bart says:

    Lower back has been bugging me and I’ve been itching to do “Mary” since it was up on the board last week.

    “Mary” as Rx’d – 14Rnds + 8

    Was shooting for 15 full rounds.

  16. Jodi says:

    Is anyone doing the 801 Grand Power Climb this year? Is 515 having a team?

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