Make Up/Challenge/Skills DAY

February “COOL” Board

–  Ramsey – 1st Muscle-Up Ever!
–  Justin – Overhead Squat 115# (got 145#)
–  Jasmine – 5 Consecutive Pull-Ups
–  Ramsey – HSPU on the Ice
–  Jodi – Double digit Pull Ups (12)
-  Krista – “Grace” Rx’d (95#)
-  Jaime – 1st Strict HSPU
–  Krista – 16 Consecutive Double Unders!
–  Lindsay – 95# Snatch
–  Ash – 3 Consecutive Muscle Ups

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12 Responses to 2/15/11

  1. Bobby says:

    Jen, you should go for CrossFit Total…….do it!!!

  2. Adam P says:

    Shoulders were hurting today so….4 rounds for time of…
    20 GHD’s
    20 Double unders
    20 Back extensions
    20 Box jumps 24″

    Then did max height box jump and got 46 1/2″! My goal is to be able to do 48″ by July.

  3. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Gas Mask Makeup WOD – 8:33 RX

  4. Jodi says:

    Box squats. Then C&J – 95, 105, 105, 105, 105, 105, (felt I needed to make them look “prettier” and was putting off going up!) 110 (F), 110 (made the clean but just missed the jerk!) Think it’s a PR for cleans… thought it was for the jerk too but my max OHS is 115 so I guess not! 🙂 Thanks for all the great critiques today Nate – appreciate it! Looking forward to the Yoder b’day WOD!

  5. Bart says:

    Hey Bobby,

    When are you planning on doing AF 17 & 18? Was thinking of maybe coming back in this evening and doing them.

  6. Nick says:

    Jump Rope Barefoot 8 min, mixing in variables of DU’s, Cross Overs, single foot, running.
    5 wall walks (start standing up back to the wall about 3 feet away. Lean back until hands come in contact with wall. Walk your way down as deep as you can. Reaching the floor is your ultimate goal. Walk back up the wall with out falling. That is 1 wall walk). Rest as needed between
    5 x 5 Back Squat (85-90% of 1RM) 2-3min rest between sets:
    Rest 5min
    1min Max Rep Kettle Bell Swings 1.5/1 Pood
    1min Max Rep Jump Squats.
    No rest between Elements.
    Swim tabata. Piece of cake!

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