Make Up/Challenge/Skill DAY

February “COOL” Board

–  Ramsey – 1st Muscle-Up Ever!
–  Justin – Overhead Squat 115# (got 145#)
–  Jasmine – 5 Consecutive Pull-Ups
–  Ramsey – HSPU on the Ice
–  Jodi – Double digit Pull Ups (12)
-  Krista – “Grace” Rx’d (95#)
-  Jaime – 1st Strict HSPU

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13 Responses to 2/11/11

  1. Adam P says:

    Crossfit Total Day = 765
    Back Squat 275 (Pr by 10 lbs) (295f)
    Shoulder Press 145 (Pr by 5 lbs) (150f)
    Deadlift 345 (Pr by 15 lbs) (365f)
    I wanted to get an 800 total today but I think it will come next time.

  2. Jim Noyce says:

    Challenge day for me against Shelley; and it was Wittman (Blue WOD).

    For those of you who are wondering the outcome, Shelley won. In fact, not only did she win, but by the time I finished she had put away her equipment, emptied the trash in the bathrooms and showers, and was working on her GHD sit-ups.

    Congratulations, Shelley!!

    Todd – I’m looking forward to your challenge.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Alright, Adam – I guess we just have to keep going back and forth …

    Option 1: Again Faster wod 17
    AMRAP in 3 minutes
    4 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (135/95)
    8 One-Armed Hang KB Snatches (1.5/1) (4 each side) (does not have to be alternating arms … can do 4 left then 4 right or vice versa)

    Option 2: Fittest Games Gymnastike WOD (http://thefittestgames.com/)
    For Time:
    4 Muscle Ups/ 20 Toes to Bar/ 40 Double Unders
    4 Muscle Ups/ 15 Toes to Bar/ 30 Double Unders
    4 Muscle Ups/ 10 Toes to Bar/ 20 Double Unders
    4 Muscle Ups/ 5 Toes to Bar/ 10 Double Unders
    *women will perform 2 Muscle Ups per round

    Option 3: Fittest Games Field WOD – Gas Mask
    For Time:
    30 burpee buy in (jumping over paralette)
    Run width of field down & back
    30 Dumbbell Single Arm Power Snatches (55/35)
    Run width of field down & back
    30 Dumbbell Single Arm Shoulder To Overhead (55/35)
    Run width of field down & back
    (There is no minimum rep requirement for each arm on the movements.)

    I plan to do the fittest games wods with Bobby (and hopefully lots of others) tomorrow. Not sure what Bobby will decide “width of field” is, but we can figure that out and do the same distance if you choose that one … but, predicting you will choose #2 anyway 🙂

  4. nick says:

    Challenge for karate:

    1. Beer mile: 4 beers one mile.. must drink one 12oz beer every 400m

    2. 5 rounds 400m row 6 Muscle Ups at the end of the 5 rounds you must drink one 12oz Coors lt

    3. This is a long one…..

    10 Wall balls 20#
    20 pull ups
    30 GHD sit ups
    40 push ups chest to ground and hands come up off the ground
    50 Double under’s
    400m row / 400m run
    60 burpees
    70 Jumping jacks
    80 Toe to rings
    900m row/run
    1 Can of delicious ice cold refreshing miller lt.

    well they all sound fun to me so judges?

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