Make Up/Challenge/Skill Day

February “COOL” Board

– Make some goals for February, and get your name on the Board when you accomplish them

– AND let me videotape  if you are attempting, you should be proud of it

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13 Responses to 2/1/11

  1. Adam P says:

    Challenge wod….yikes! Good luck Lindsay…

  2. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Grace – RX – 4:49 (PR) 🙂

  3. Adam S says:

    Fran – first time Rx’d = 5:18
    last time I did Fran on 9/21 – not Rx’d @ 85# and band with PUs = 6:54

    Thanks for the push Bobby!

  4. Lindsay says:

    February goals:
    1. Strict HSPU
    2. 15 consecutive butterfly pull ups
    3. 4 consecutive muscle ups
    4. Snatch 95# (current max 85# on 11/24/10)

  5. Tara says:

    February Goals:
    Carried over from January
    1. 5 Ring Dips (I am at 3, barely)
    2. Handstand Walk 10 squares (my goal for January was 8 squares and I made it to 7.5 so since I have a month now, I needed to add a couple squares)
    New Goals
    3. Find out my Max Pull-ups and Push-ups at beginning of month and increase each by 20%.
    4. Learn Butterfly Pull-ups.

  6. Brian says:

    Ladder Challenge with Bart: 8:32 Nice work Bart! One muscle up cost me 1:30 of time. I’ll get you next time!

  7. Bart says:

    Thanks Brian! Ladder Challenge – 7:35. Absolutely brutal!

    Afterwards I proceeded to puke and roll around on the ground for a while. Then got a wild hair up my a$$ and did Diane – 4:45.

  8. Bobby says:

    February Goals

    1. 10 consecutive MU’s (never tried it last month)
    2. Clean & Jerk 225
    3. Back Squat 275
    4. Deadlift 445

  9. Will says:

    Goals for February:
    Two free-standing HSPUs
    One-arm pull-up
    Hold back lever for five seconds
    Reclaim my Fran title from Bobby

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