Black/Blue/Grey WODs

Five rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts (155/105) (105/70) (65/45)
9 Hang power cleans (155/105) (105/70) (65/45)
6 Push jerks (155/105) (105/70) (65/45)

Annie Thorisdottir 4:49 (50Kg), Kristan Clever 5:55 (105lbs), Rebecca Voigt 6:55 (105lbs). Post time to comments.

 January “COOL” Board

-  Jasmine – 1st ever Kipping Pull-Up without a band
–  Ash – 1st ever Ring Muscle Up
–  Nate – 300 lb. Back Squat
-  Bart – 25 HSPU’s
-  Bart – 45 Ring Dips
-  Bart – 15 Squares Handstand Walk
– Jen – 1st ever Ring Dip
– Krista – 1st ever Kipping Pull-Up without a Band
– Krista – 1st ever Rope Climb
– Jodi – 1st ever Rope Climb
– Jodi – 1st ever Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up
– Tara – 30 Consecutive Double-Unders
– Bobby – Handstand Walk length of gym (20 squares)
– Will – Free-standing HSPU
– Lance – No False Grip Muscle Up
– Jeff – 1st Muscle Up Ever
– Bryant – 10 Consecutive Muscle Ups
– Lindsay – Handstand Walk the length of the gym (20 squares)

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29 Responses to 1/17/11

  1. Brian says:

    DT Rx: 12:14. Nice work Justin! Kicked my butt! I spent a lot of time just starring at the bar!

    • Justin says:

      135# 10:38 (not really a relevant time…)
      Thanks, but I am an idiot. Realized a few minutes afterwards that on the last 4 rounds I was only doing 6 hang cleans. If the push jerks werent so evil on my back I would do it again tonight with the correct rep scheme. Very frustrating…sometimes reading and counting are the hardest part of the workout.

  2. Adam S says:

    Challenge WOD today….

    did not end the way I wanted, I thought I was moving along pretty well until the 30in. box jumped up and grabbed me…

    7 stitches later I’m back at work.

    I’ll let the judges rule whether its a forfeit or not. To be honest I’m a little gun shy now to do the 30in box.

  3. Bobby says:

    Black WOD as Rx’d – 10:52

    I do not like this WOD, and I tried to game it too much today

  4. Lindsay says:

    Head to head challenge wod this morning vs. Ash: 7 rounds, 1 rope climb, 7 burpees – 5:21. I lost – good match, Ash … I’ll get a better scouting report next time 🙂

    “DT” as rx’d at noon – 12:26

  5. Adam says:

    Challenge workout – Cindy for 10 minutes = 11 rounds + Pull ups, pushups and 12 squats.

    Calling out Lindsay!
    Wod 1 – Rowing Helen

    Wod 2 – Five rounds – 10 pull ups, 5 hspu’s, 2 muscle ups

    Wod 3 – For time…multiply your body weight by 100 then use any rep scheme and weight deadlift to get to that number. Example 155 lbs x 100 = 15,500. I would then choose to do a 155 lb deadlift 100 times to complete the wod, or a 310 lb deadlift 50 times to completion. (you get the idea)

  6. Jodi says:

    Oh no, Adam!!!

  7. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Dt @ 5:30a – Blue +30 lbs – 14:33
    Half Cindy @ Noon – 8 rounds + Pullups. Pushups and 13 squats

  8. Bobby says:

    Call-Out to Señor Greb

    1. Row as long as you can keep the average 500 meters below 1:40 pace

    2. 50 Burpees For Time with the 45# vest on

    3. Up and down the rope as many times as possible without touching the ground (except to tap the ground with your foot)

    4. Ya I came up with a 4th and couldn’t decide which other to get rid of so I guess you can choose from 4.
    DEATH by Muscle Ups (1 in minute 1…2 in minute 2…3 in 3…)

  9. Jaime says:

    Challenge WOD this morning w Nick- 5:25 (I think) I do know I won by one GHD thou- great race Nick, that was fun 🙂

    ‘DT’ Black WOD as Rx’d- 13:13
    Probably my second favorite hero, but not quite as much fun w push press instead of push jerk! Lance, I want a rematch when I’m out of my boot, last time my time was 9:33- I think u were around that today, right?

  10. Jeremy Yoder says:

    I survivied the Will challenge….so now…

    Calling out Adam P:

    1) AMRAP in 8 minutes of:
    Kettlebell Swing – 2 pood
    Thruster – 95 lbs
    For each round add one rep, for example for round 2 do 2, round
    3 do 3 and and so on. Post total rounds.

    2) Randy – 75 Snatches for time – 75 lbs

    3) Three rounds for time of:
    10 Weighted pull-ups (15 lb UFC Vest)
    30 Back extensions

    Pending approval from a higher authority you can take your pick….


  11. Bobby says:

    Congrats on the victory!

    They look good, but Adam P just beat Brian K, so Brian K is your challenger. And we just did all those WODs in about the last 10 days, I know you are more creative than that!

  12. Nick says:

    Cfe Wod rxd bike 10miles 75%, 10miles 95% 41:20

  13. kylie says:

    Man, I’m a little p-oed. Jeesch. Poor sport. Good job Laura. You killed it. I got 6:18. Almost took a stumble running.. but I prevailed with a loss with or without the slip. Good job!

    • Laura says:

      Great effort, Kylie! I’ll tell you my little legs didn’t want to run either after those squats! I’m sure we’ll meet again and you can have your revenge 🙂

  14. Bryant Pickering says:

    5:01 rx’d
    3 rds: 10 times for 225 deadlift, 30 ghd’s
    Congrats Tara!

    Flight Simulator

  15. Tara says:

    Challenge – 4:14….10 DL @ 155lb and 30 ghd situps….Good fight BRYANT! I’m sure we’ll meet again as I now only have further to fall to the bottom!
    Also did the Blue WOD plus 5lbs so did 75lbs…I think my time was 10:24.
    Mitch – I’m thinking of 3 WOD options for a challenge and hope to let you know tomorrow!

  16. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Callout – Brian K

    (1) 3 Rounds for time:
    –20 Pull-ups
    –20 GHD Sit-Ups
    –20 Wall Balls – 20 pounder

    (2) 3 Rounds for time:
    –15 Pull Ups with the 15 lb UFC Vest on
    –15 Power Snatches – 75 lbs
    –15 Burpees

    (3) 3 Rounds for time:
    –500 Meter Row
    –20 – 24″ Box Jumps
    –20 GHD Sit-Ups

    (4) Randy – 75 Power Snatches – 75 lbs

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