Initial Ladder Standings

1. Mitch
2. Bryant
3. Tara
4. Lance
5. Adam S.
6. Nate
7 . Bart
8. Scott
9. Nick
10. Brian M.
11. Bobby
12. Jaime
13. Justin
14. Ramsey
15. Ash
16. Brian K.
17. Lindsay
18. Adam P.
19. Jeremy
20. Will
21. Jasmine
22. Signe
23. Kylie
24. Laura
25. Joanie
26. Jim
27. Shelley
28. Deb

January “COOL” Board

–  Jasmine – 1st ever Kipping Pull-Up without a band
–  Ash – 1st ever Ring Muscle Up
–  Nate – 300 lb. Back Squat

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58 Responses to 1/12/11

  1. Bobby says:

    GYM LADDER (This is what we have planned so far)
    – Anyone that has done a ladder for any other sport, such as tennis, it will be very similar
    – Anyone that is interested will be in a ranked spot on the ladder
    – You can move up the ladder by challenging the person directly ahead of you (you have to work yourself up the ladder 1 step at a time)
    – Right now our idea is that in order to challenge the person ahead of you you have to give them 3 different workout options
    – The person that is challenged will then get to choose which of the 3 workouts that both will compete at
    – The trainers can call foul on the 3 workouts if their is not enough variety (example – Bart cannot choose 1, 2, or 3 Rep Max Bench Press for his 3 workouts hahaha)
    – You cannot use the same workout again for a challenge once you have used it before
    – You do not have to do the workout head-to-head, but a trainer must verify your time/reps/weight/etc.
    – Once a workout has been agreed on both athletes will have a week to submit a score, and you CANNOT do the workout more than once
    – Once a Challenge workout has taken place, the lower seed must give the higher seed at least 5 days to challenge the next higher seed before challenging them again

    • Bobby says:

      Anyone that wants to join the ladder is more than welcome to sign up still

    • Deb says:

      What happens if someone can’t do the exercise at the prescribed weight? For example, if I put thrusters at 65 pounds, but they can only do 45….or if I want to do double unders, and they can only do single jumps…can they still do that workout? Can they still win the challenge? Or is there a deduction for scaling back?

      • Bobby says:

        My ruling is that there is no scaling, eventually people should work their way on the ladder to be around pepole of the same ability. So as for “skill” movements, you may place them in 1 of your workouts but not more than 1. If your opponent can’t do it, they better pick 1 of the other 2. As for weight, if you pick a strength workout is one of your choices (i.e. 3 rep max back squat) than obviously it’s fine to lose by less weight. However, if the workout is not completely strength based I think you should try to agree on a weight that you both can do. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be “really heavy” for one of the people. Hope that clears things up a little.

    • Laura Mastin says:

      Kylie – It’s on! Any of the 3 workouts….pending approval

      8 min AMRAP:
      5 Strict Pull-ups
      30 air squats
      5 dips
      30 situps

      8 min AMRAP:
      10 Thrusters (55 lbs)
      15 pushups
      20 box jumps (20″)

      For Time:
      10 HSPU (ab mat)
      20 KB (35 lb)
      40 pushups
      80 air squats
      400m run

      • kylie says:

        The last WOD interests me, but I can’t do handstand pushups….
        So what happens in that case..??
        The 1st WOD. Looks good too.
        So then how does this work? Haha

        • Laura Mastin says:

          Bobby/Jaime – your approval on my proposed WODs?? Or should I modify?

          • Jaime says:

            We were discussing this last night and I meant to say something to you this morning. I like your variety, but there is something in all 3 WODs that Kylie can’t do yet:
            1) Strict Pullups & dips w/o band
            2) 20″ Box Jumps (although she should start)
            3) HSPUs
            So my vote would be for you to pick which one you want to choose a sub for and you both get to do the sub. IE you could pick WOD 3 and sub pushups on box and you would both do those.
            Bobby what do you think??
            I do like the variety, but my feeling is that you can only eliminate one WOD by using something the other person CANT do. Otherwise you can definitely pick stuff they are bad at, but they have to be able to do everything at least once in the other 2 WODs. Obviously people can ask the trainers too on what their opponent can and can’t perform yet 🙂

        • Laura says:

          Agreed – seems fair!
          Kylie – since WOD 3 interest you so much let’s modify that one! I let you pick 10 Thrusters (55 lbs) or 10 power snatches (45 lbs).

          For the 400m – I’m good with the trendmill given the snow/ice…

  2. Bart says:

    Well let’s get this challenge started off right!

    Nate, choose any one of the three workouts:

    Workout 1
    8 Min AMRAP
    6 HSPU’s
    8 KB Swings (2 pood)
    10 GHD’s

    Workout 2
    30 MU’s for time

    Workout 3
    3 Rounds for Time:
    3 Rope Climbs
    20 Ring Dips
    30 Squats

  3. Lindsay says:

    Alright, Brian K …

    Workout 1:
    7 rounds for time:
    1 rope climb
    7 burpees

    Workout 2:
    overhead squat (95/65)

    Workout 3:
    6 min amrap:
    10 KB swings (1.5 / 1 pood)
    10 box jumps (24″)
    10 knees to elbows

  4. Will says:


    Workout 1:
    AMRAP 20mins:
    225 pound Deadlift, 6 reps
    7 Burpee pull-ups
    10 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
    Row 200 meters

    Workout 2:
    AMRAP 5 minutes:
    3 Power Clean 155 lbs
    6 Push Ups
    9 Air Squats / 9 Ring Dips (Alternate on rounds)

    Workout 3:
    3 rounds:
    15 Power Snatches 95lbs
    250 Meter Row

  5. Jaime says:


    1) “Randy”
    75 Power Snatch for time (75/45)

    2) “DT”
    5 rounds for time:
    12 DL (155/105)
    9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
    6 Push Jerk (155/105)

    3) 20 min AMRAP:
    5 Push Press (95/65)
    7 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
    10 Sumo DL Highpulls (95/65)

  6. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Alright Will!
    Normally I would love to do Workout 2 but I think you would make up a LOT of ground on me doing the ring dips so I will have to choose Workout 3….I will do it tommorrow or Friday.

    Today – 2 Min Challenge – 225 lb Deadlift – 33 Reps
    – 1 Min GHD Sit Ups – 31 Reps

  7. Brian says:

    Today: 5 rounds 6 mus, 6 OHS 75#. 9:28 I think. clock stopped and had to restart.

    ladder Challenge Options:

    3rds: 30 DUs, 20 DL 205, 10 HSPUS

    3rds: 10 Pullups, 10 ring pushups, 10 box jumps, 10 wall ball, 10 KB swings 53lbs.

    Subject to trainer approval on the variety Greber accepted the 10, 10, 10…. WOD. We will be doing it on Friday.


  8. Justin says:

    Jaime…It’s go time…
    WOD 1)
    3 Rounds:
    Row 250 meters
    15 Pullups
    15 Push Press (95/65)

    WOD 2)
    8 min AMRAP:
    30 second handstand hold
    8 ring dips
    8 Deadlifts (bodyweight)

    WOD 3)
    3 rounds:
    10 power hang clean (135/comparable girls weight, 95?)
    10 Knees to elbow
    10 KB (2 pood/1.5 pood)

    Tried to work around the boot the best I could…

  9. Bryant Pickering says:

    Today’s WOD: Death by Pull-Up. 17 rounds + 8. Hadn’t done that one in a while, it’s rough.

  10. Deb says:

    Since I’m at the bottom of the ladder…I need to work my way up!

    Shelley…challenge is on: (assuming these are approved)

    Workout 1: For Time

    2500k Row
    50 GHD Situps (must go all the way down and touch the floor)

    Workout 2: * 8 min AMRAP

    5 KB Swings (35 lbs)
    7 Push Press (55 lbs)
    10 Wallball Squats (10 lb ball)

    Workout 3: 5 rounds for time

    10 pushups on toes
    20 Air Squats
    30 Ab Mat Situps

  11. Bart says:

    I’m curious how this works with multiple challenges for the same person. For example, say I challenge the person above me, Nate; and then I am challenged by the personal below me, Scott. What happens if I beat Nate but than am beat by Scott? Would that automatically put Scott ahead of Nate and myself which would mean that Scott would jump two places instead of one?

    • Jaime says:

      OK, so here’s some clarification on the question everyone keeps asking. I’ll use my own real-world example so hopefully it’s easy for everyone to understand:

      Initial Standings – 11. Bobby, 12. Me, 13. Justin

      The key is timing: I challenged the person ahead of me (Bobby), BEFORE I was challenged by the person below me (Justin). Therefore, Bobby and I will do our challenge and Justin must wait. If I lose to Bobby tomorrow (highly unlikely) then I stay put and I must accept the challenge from Justin. If I beat Bobby (WAY more likely, haha 🙂 ), then I move up and Justin must challenge Bobby instead of me because Bobby would be the person directly ahead of him.

      Two other rules that we discussed, but wanted to see how things played out for a little bit to see appropriate timeframes on them were. Lets assume we decide a week for both for right now:
      1) Once challenged, the person ahead on the ladder has a specified time (a week) to accept and for both people to complete the challenge. Otherwise, the person below automatically wins and moves up. In the example above, this would prevent Bobby stalling forever and not accepting my challenge – thus making Justin wait forever also, and so on.
      2) If you lose a challenge, you must wait a specified time (at least a week) before re-challenging, to allow the person below you to challenge up, and the person you challenged to challenge to person above them as well. For example, suppose Justin had not already challenged me and lets say I lose to Bobby tomorrow. I could not turn around 5 mins later and re-challenge him, until he has been given the opportunity to challenge up and Justin has been given the opportunity to challenge me. But…if I lose and then beat Justin the next day and Bobby loses his challenge the next day too, then I could re-challenge.

      Did all this make sense???? We are gonna try to start simple so everyone gets the hang of it, and then maybe add in some fun rules down the road with rules on how to challenge multiple people, etc….

  12. Jeremy Yoder says:

    Just a question for the administrators of the ladder…..

    SO…what happens if I challenge the person above me and win…but then lose Wills challenge…..I can’t move up and down at the same time….but, looking at the action proposed so far, I think we have a fairly good chance of running into that scenario…..

  13. Adam S says:

    Ladder Challenge call-out to Lance:

    #1 – 1000 Row THEN
    3 Rds – 10 Wall Balls(20#), 20 Box Jumps (30″), 30 DUs
    1000 Row to finish after 3 Rds completed

    #2 – 5 Rds – 400 m Run, 10 Box Jumps(30″), 15 Abmat Situps

    #3 – 4 Rds – 800 m Run, 50 Air Squats

  14. Bobby says:

    Sorry should have clarified before. Challenges are on a 1st come basis initially. If you challenge the person ahead of you, the person below you cannot challenge you until the other challenge is over (i.e. I cannot challenge Brian until after I BEAT Jaime tomorrow). And if you lose a challenge, you have to give the person that won ay least 5 days to challenge the next person ahead on the ladder before you can re-challenge them.

  15. Jaime says:

    2 new pages on the website for ladder standings & rules (links also found on the ‘Events’ page):


    Let us know if there are more things that need clarification!

  16. Bart says:

    Thanks for clarifying guys! The noon class today was crushing January goals. It was a lot of fun to watch. I took down three of mine:

    25 HSPU’s
    45 Ring Dips
    15 Squares Handstand Walk

    Bobby, it’s a race to see who can walk the entire gym first 🙂

  17. Jen says:

    Worked on skills today. Did my first ever strict, full ROM, ring dip! I did 7 of them (not consecutively). Now I need to figure out the kipping so I can them consecutively.

    Way to go on the rope climbs, Krista and Jodi!!!

  18. Jodi says:

    Nice job noon class – lots of goals reached! Thanx for letting us have time to work on our goals when our muscles aren’t shot after a WOD! 🙂 Got my 1st rope climb & first C2B pull-up! Congrats to everyone on your accomplishments today!!! Woot!

  19. Jim Noyce says:

    Joanie: You are challenged. Here’s the choices, subject to judge approval:

    Annie as Rx. (DUs and sit-ups) 50-40-30-20-10

    Cindy as Rx. 20 min AMRAP of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats

    Fran. 21-15-9 reps of thrusters (65/45) and pull-ups

  20. Nick says:

    For any of you Tri geeks out there check out this article about crossfit in inside triathlon.


  21. Janet Jennings says:

    Bobby – love the new video. Made me feel homesick for 515 and all my workout friends. Bob and I are still crossfitting here in Florida but I miss everyone and can’t wait to get back to 515! I will try to follow all the challenges and ladder moves. Good luck everyone!

  22. Bob Jennings says:

    Bobby – can you put me on the ladder? It would be competing long distance for a couple of months. If not I can wait until March. I may also run into issues with gym time. Equipment here is about 80% compatible with 515 (like a longer rope to climb and fat pull-up bars). Gym time might be interesting but I can negotiate. Looking at the timing board yesterday I counted about 350 gym rats spread over ten classes.

    • Jaime says:

      Yep, we can add you! We’ll have Janet verify everything for us 🙂 BTW, does Janet want to be added too???

      Hope things are going well for you guys down in Florida…I guess sometimes you have to give up working out in the coolest gym ever (being 515 of course) to get some nice weather…ahh, the sacrifices!

  23. Bob Jennings says:

    Great. As for Janet, I will let her speak for herself.

    Can’t beat 515 so when the weather changes just let us know.

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