Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Dave Lipson 505lbs, Austin Malleolo 390lbs, Kristan Clever 270lbs, Rebecca Voigt 200lbs.
Post loads to comments.


Black/Blue/Grey WODs

AMRAP in 8:00 of:
KB swings (70/53) (53/35) (35/26)
Thrusters (95/65) (65/45) (45/25)
Ladder: Start at 1&1, 2&2, 3&3, etc until 8:00 expires.

January “COOL” Board

–  Jasmine – 1st ever Kipping Pull-Up without a band
–  Ash – 1st ever Ring Muscle Up
–  Nate – 300 lb. Back Squat

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20 Responses to 1/11/11

  1. Adam P says:

    Back Squat – 205,225,225,230,235…AMRAP – 8 rounds with kb swings and three thrusters. About round five I hit a wall, not a good AMRAP after squats.

  2. Brian says:

    Back Squat 5×3
    245, 260, 270, 285, 300 (Previous 1 rep PR 300)!

  3. Jaime says:

    BS: 105-115-125-135-145
    (Mostly on one leg, but not quite there on the depth…have I mentioned lately how ready I am to loose the boot and be out of excuses!?!?!)

    Black WOD: 9 rounds + 10 KB swings + 5 Thrusters
    Yea, it was about round 5 where I went from thinking I was gonna get 12 rounds in to thinking I might barely get 8 or 9 😉 That was a fun one thou!

  4. Lindsay says:

    BS: 125-135-145-150-155(F) … so 150 is my 1 rep max and my 3 rep max
    Black wod – 9 rounds + 6 kb swings

    Get your name on the ladder if it’s not already! I think I heard Jaime and Bobby say they are getting it organized today (yes?)

    • Jaime says:

      YES! Going to put the ladder together tonight.

      Anyone (not signed up by tonight) can still join at any time…you’ll just have to start at the bottom & work your way up 🙂

      • Brian says:

        I wonder who will get the worst seed on the board which is the 2nd seed in my opinion. No matter what you choose for a challenge changes are high that you are going to lose! and lose badly! haha

  5. Adam S says:

    Back Squat: 225, 255, 275, 295, 305(2 reps, 3rd assisted by Bobby) – 305 was my previous 1 rep max, so a little improvement today

    Black WOD Rx’d – 9 rounds
    why do thrusters suck so bad????

    Jaime – please add me to the ladder.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Good job on passing your test, Justin (Series 66)!!! Way to go! Awesome! Right on! Tubular! Steak sauce!

  7. Justin says:

    Thanks y’all! I celebrated with a make up WOD

    Blue Wod 27:23
    10 HSPU (Used Abmat)
    15 Deads (250#)
    25 Box (30″)
    50 Pullups
    100 Wall ball (20#)
    200 DU
    Run 400 meters with 45# plate

    Why won’t wall balls be friends with me? Nate even said I smell nice and that I am very polite

  8. nate says:

    Awesome Work today noon hour!!! Impressed with everyone Jen 180 back squat then getting pissed at the amrap and did it again hahahaha. Big Jeff reps with 365 x3 with plenty left in the tank. Bartola and Lance a lot – new nickname TURBO and LAZER these names are interchangeable.

    I threw down the first challenge but made the mistake of telling TURBO my time.
    10 burpees
    10 kb swings 2 pood
    10 burpees
    10 squat cleans 45 lb dumbells
    10 burpees
    10 box jumps 30 inch
    10 burpees
    10 muscle ups
    10 burpees

    9:45 is clocked stopped at 8 min then had to start my watch

    AMRAP 9rds plus 4 thrusters used the 45lb dumbells

    • Jen says:

      I wouldn’t say I was “pissed” 🙂 Just bummed that I messed up and started with Thrusters. I had time to start the 10th round and would have if I had done it right and had KBS to do instead of Thrusters! Second time around, only 8 rounds plus 9 KBS.

    • Bart says:

      Thanks for the pre-ladder call out Nate. And thanks for telling me your time beforehand 🙂 We should definetely make sure when we start the actual ladder that times stay confidential until both participants have completed the challenge WOD. Finished Nate’s little burpee challenge in 9:05.

  9. Bobby says:

    Back Squat – Got 235, than 245 made my back hurt

    Black WOD as Rx’d – 10 Rounds + 8 KB Swings, just didn’t feel it today

  10. kylie says:

    Wish I would’ve made it to this WOD. I was almost there. The weather.. mainly the dang ice got me. And slid me into a caddy. So, I’ll be there tomorrow.
    Ps. I’m okay. My pride on good driving.. not so much.

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