Maplewood, Missouri Firefighter, Ryan Hummert, 22, was killed by sniper fire July 21st 2008 when he stepped off his fire truck responding to a call. He is survived by his parents Andrew and Jackie Hummert.

Black WOD

Five rounds for time of:
7 Muscle-ups
21 Burpees (Each burpee terminates with a jump one foot above max standing reach)

Pat Barber 11:22, Kristan Clever 11:47, Austin Malleolo 12:20, Graham Holmberg 12:37. Post time to comments.

Blue WOD

Five rounds for time of:
21 Pull-ups
21 Ring dips
21 Burpees (Each burpee terminates with a jump one foot above max standing reach)

Grey WOD

Five rounds for time of:
21 Pull-ups (with band)
21 Ring dips (with band or on box)
21 Burpees (Each burpee terminates with a jump 8″ above max standing reach)

White WOD

Five rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups (with band)
10 Dips (on box)
10 Burpees (Each burpee terminates with a jump 6″ above max standing reach)

Lindsay told us she had really been working on her O-lifting lately, so she went for a PR on C&J after class Tuesday night.  211 KG = 465 lb. for those of you not good with kilo’s.  (ohhh and she has been tanning A LOT lately)

Cool Points Standings:
1. Jim Noyce – 325
2. Bobby Noyce – 225
3. Lindsay Noyce –185
4. Nate Christensen – 160
5. Jaime Maro – 155
6. Will O. –130
7. Justin Vaught – 115
8. Teague Bohlke – 85
9. Carolyn Grammens– 65
10. Shelley Noyce – 65
11. Erica Sholly – 60
12. Travis Herink – 50
13. Katie Claeys – 35
13. Bryant Pickering – 35
15. Todd Fox – 30
16. Andi Christenson – 25
16. Grant Waltz – 25
18. Kam Kielhorn – 10
18. Angie Starmer – 10

CQOD:  Bald eagles live in every US state except for one: name this state. (30 Cool Points)

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24 Responses to 10/13/10

  1. Jim Noyce says:

    I agree with Hawaii. But, just in case I’ll say Florida.

  2. Lindsay says:

    My first guess was also Hawaii. But … Alaska?

  3. Bobby says:

    Nice Lift Lindsay!!! I almost didn’t recognize you, it was probably cause you were wearing different shoes than you normally do!

  4. Brian says:

    Black WOD Rx! 31:20

    First WOD with locking out all MUs at the bottom, or so I think I did. My judge wasn’t giving me a thumbs up or down!

    Props to Jaime who completed all her muscle ups! Who cares how long it took you! Your getting a lot better!!

    Angie: No way are we letting you miss out on that much fun! Jaime may have taken an hour and 1/2 to complete the work out but she did it!!!

  5. Jaime says:

    “Ryan” Black WOD – 1:43:10
    Can you say STUBBORN?? 35 MUs thou!!!!! (with a few breaks in there for some burpees too 🙂 ) Not all the way locked out at the bottom, or the top sometimes…but hopefully at least got a little better at MUs today! The way I figure it, hero WODs are always a good chance to struggle thru something hard, no matter how long it takes!!
    Thanks Brian. And oh yeah, Nate, you might want to pick a different time other than mine to shook for today, hahaha!

    • Nathan says:

      It isn’t stubborn it is tenacious + awesome = tenawesome

    • Jim says:

      Impressive Jaime. I wonder what fraction of 1% of all females can do a muscle up? In fact, I wonder what fraction of 1% of all humans can do one, let alone 35? I’m still in the 99.X% that can’t, but closer.

      MTW were three killer workouts on the upper body, but I think very productive; and I felt a sense of accomplishment after each. Looking forward to a deserved rest day tomorrow.

  6. Kate says:

    Ok Ang you were my motivation.
    I did yesterdays workout.
    I will be doing this baby again.
    11 Rounds 3 PP
    All push presses were unbroken.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Hey all… I’m working in my day off today, but I left a shirt and pants hanging on the hooks. Can you put them aside for me? If you decide to wear them, can you please launder them before returning?

  8. Jen says:

    Still tired and sore from the first two WODs this week, so didn’t do the WOD today. I think it would have put me out of commission for the rest of the week! Took a “rest” day today. Worked on some skills. Hadn’t done back squats in awhile, so did 5×5. 95-125-145-155-165 – Only got 2, maybe 3 reps at 165# though. Also worked on getting the rhythm of my box jumps. Think I may be getting the hang of them. Slowly but surely!

  9. Nate says:

    Got this one done in 16:33. This is the Nate vs. Will wod, Will’s mu ability and my never stop burpees.

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