In memory of U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Severin W. Summers III, 43, of Bentonia, Mississippi, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne), headquartered at Jackson, Mississippi, died August 2, 2009 in Qole Gerdsar, Afghanistan, after his vehicle was struck by a command wire improvised explosive device. Summers is survived by his wife Tammy Fraser and his daughters Jessica, Shelby & Sarah.

Black WOD

50 Strict Pull-ups
100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Run 5K

If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Peter Egyed 34:59 (20lb vest), Graham Holmberg 38:20 (20lb vest), Russ Malz 41:53 (20lb vest), Kim Malz 44:09 (no vest). Post time to comments.

Blue WOD

50 Strict Pull-ups
100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Run 5K

Grey WOD

50 Kipping Pull-ups
100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Run 5K

White WOD

50 Pull-ups (with band)
100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom (on knees)
Run 2 Miles


25 Pull-ups (with band)
50 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom (on knees)
Run 1 Mile

Cool Points Standings:
1. Bobby Noyce –140
2. Will O. –130
3. Lindsay Noyce –130
4. Justin Vaught – 115
5. Jaime Maro – 85
6. Jim Noyce – 80
7. Carolyn Grammers– 65
8. Nate Christensen – 40
9. Andi Christenson – 25
10. Kam Kielhorn – 10
11. Angie Starmer – 10

CQOD: Name the tennis player with the most Grand Slam singles titles in the open era. (45 cool points) Bonus question: Which Slam did this person win the most? (20 cool points)

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44 Responses to 9/17/10

  1. Jim Noyce says:

    Martina Navratolova. US Open.

  2. Angie says:

    OM goodness. That pic is histarical!!
    Thanks Bobby and Brian for spotting this morning!!

  3. Shelley says:

    I think Martina Navratalova had the most singles and doubles grand slam wins but my guess for singles wins would Steffi Graf for the women and Roger Federer for the men. I’ll also say that Steffi won the French open the most.

  4. Shelley says:

    Also, it’s nice to see a question that I could make an intelligent guess on.

  5. Brian says:

    Black WOD 45:14 Rxd!

    Running is not this guy’s strength! It was a little depressing to see people passing on their way back when you still have a half mile before you turn around! I’m still happy with it! Go Hawks!

  6. Kamron Kielhorn says:

    Blue WOD as Rx’d – 42:58

    Went sans vest today, but I would like to point out that compared to Bobby, I’ve been wearing an extra 15 pounds for EVERY WOD thus far…just something to think about.

  7. Carolyn Grammens says:

    White WOD, but did the 5k in place of the 2 mile run – 39:08 (I think).

    Today was my first morning workout! I have to admit it is pretty nice to work out in the morning. Maybe I will make it routine, just maybe.

  8. Angie says:

    This girl is NOT a runner. 41 something. Geesh.

  9. Bobby says:

    Black WOD as Rx’d – 33:05 (took Juan Pablo for a stroll, I have to add that he weighed an extra pound or 2 due to ingestion of Brian’s sweat haha)
    Pull Ups – 5:50
    Push Ups – 6:37
    5K – 20:38

    As always, I will not complain on a Hero WOD day, thank you Army Sereant First Class Severin W. Summers the III, it is a honor, RIP.

    • Will says:

      That is a rocking 5k with a vest. You wear your Vibrams?

      • Bobby says:

        Nope, chickened out. Wore the Inov-8’s. I think it was a good thing too because my calves were already really sore after the run, can’t imagine what it could have been…

        • Will says:

          I wore my Bikilas and I can tell I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. The Inov8 195s honestly aren’t that different anyway since they’re such a minimalist shoe. I know a lot of people use similar shoes to build up to distance running in their VFFs. Nice work today!

      • Brian says:

        i had the five fingers on! wouldn’t wear anything else!

  10. Jaime says:

    “Severin” Blue WOD as Rxd – 37:45

    Good job to the 5:30 class that did the trail run in the dark…train for the unknown & unknowable, right 😉

    • Jaime says:

      Oh yeah, I did get my 5K split also – 23:02
      Perfect running weather this morning!!! And yes, as always, great way to start the day with a Hero WOD, and with good reason.

    • Bobby says:

      “Over-Achiever of the Day” Award goes to Todd for his “Platinum WOD” which included a 10K!! And he came running back in to the gym with a smile…a little crazy…but in a good way 🙂

      • Todd says:

        Note: I felt a little bit like Forrest Gump after awhile. I was runnnninnnnggggg! Didn’t see the playground and didn’t see anyone coming back the other way. I’m claiming alien abduction for my stupidity.

    • Jaime says:

      Side note: I wish I would have done this WOD at the same time as David…he beat me by 12 seconds – I always love a good race 🙂 Good job! (And say hi to Alex for me, hope we see her soon)

  11. Kate says:

    Define strict pullups?

  12. Will says:

    Rx’d w/ 20lb vest (Carlos): 34:01

    Pullups 5:00
    Pushups: 5:40
    Run: 23:21

    Felt like a rockstar today!

  13. Andi says:

    CrossFitMom WOD

    Thruster 35#


  14. Lindsay says:

    Blue WOD. 44:22
    I think that was my first time doing strict pull ups in a wod – yikes!

  15. Megan says:

    Grey WOD….
    but I ran almost a 10k due to stupidity..do I get extra points for that..haha

  16. nathan says:

    40:06 with the vest of death

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