Team WOD

-Break in to teams of 3 members

The workout will last 11 minutes, the first team member will start by deadlifting (265/175) as many reps in 1 minute as possible, followed by a 1 minute rest.  He or she will then do as many pistol squats as they can in 1 minute, followed by a 1 minute rest.  He or she will then do as many double-unders as they can do in 1 minute, followed by a 1 minute rest.  He or she will then row for as many calories as they can in 1 minute.  The remaining 3 team members will start on each movement a minute apart, so that each person does the same movements, only 1 minute behind the person in front of them.  The team members will also have to establish a 1RM from shoulders to overhead as soon as they finish the 4 movements.

*Weight will be scaled as needed

*If you do not have double-unders (3 singles count as 1 double-under)

*If you do not have pistols (3 air squats count as 1 pistol)

*Scoring will be as follows: 1 rep of deadlifts = 1 point, 1 rep of pistols = 1 point, 2 reps of DUs = 1 point, 1 calorie on row = 1 point, 3 pounds on SH to OVHD = 1 point.  Add total team points together to find score.

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4 Responses to 9/4/10

  1. Lindsay says:

    Girls > Boys

    Good job, Jaime and Angie!!

  2. Angie says:

    Boys are cool but the ladies did rule!!! Nice job to everyone on Team WOD!! I had a strong team!! Thanks Jaime and Lindsay for pulling us through!!!!
    Rest Day tomorrow and will hopefully be in early Mon.morning!!!

  3. Nate says:

    Good wod today
    5min amrap
    db complex x3 r and l hand swing, windmill and 1 arm overhead squat
    10 hindu squats
    rest 2 min
    5 min amrap
    5 meter 10 meter 15 meter suicide runs
    5 burgees
    10 corsisc squats
    rest 2 min
    20 jumping squats
    10 ring rows
    20 db unders
    didn’t really count my rounds but was a great wod

    We then went for a two hour hike and gondola ride so so much fun.

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