With a 45/35 pound barbell, 21-15- and 9 reps for time of:
Turkish Get-ups, alternating arms
Sotts press

Kristan Clever 16:03, Katie Hogan 23:02, Rebecca Voigt 25:26. Post time to comments.


21-15- and 9 reps for time of:
Turkish Get-ups, alternating arms (35/26 lb KB)
Sotts press (15lb barbell)


21-15- and 9 reps for time of:
Turkish Get-ups, alternating arms (18 lb KB/10lb DB)
Sotts press (PVC)

Cool Point Standings:
1. Lindsay Noyce – 55
2. Justing Vaught – 45
3. Jaime Maro – 30
4. Jim Noyce – 10

CQOD: “All right, pop quiz. Airport, gunman with one hostage. He’s using her for cover; he’s almost to a plane. You’re a hundred feet away… Jack? “  (For 25 Cool Points – Name the movie.) (Extra 20 Cool Points – What is Jack’s answer?)

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18 Responses to 8/30/10

  1. Bobby says:

    I need some points (Jaime’s question today)
    Movie – “Speed”
    Jack’s answer – “Shoot the hostage”

  2. Lindsay says:

    Ahhhh – totally would have gotten it!

    “Pop quiz, a**hole. There’s a bomb on a bus …”

  3. Joanie Houston says:

    WOD time; 9:12

    The gym is a great place to work out. It may even be fun????????

  4. Janet Jennings says:

    WOD time: 9:32.

  5. Bobby says:

    Black WOD as Rx’d – 14:26

    I was thoroughly impressed today with everyone’s technique on both movements, they are both very difficult and require lots of flexibility, great work!

    Since I expect to see a lot of new posters on the wall today….if any of you want to feel really cool, you can click on the “gravatar” link on the right side of the page where Jaime has written instructions on how to put your picture up for when you leave comments 🙂

  6. Lindsay says:

    Black WOD Rx’d (I did about half the turkish get-ups with a 35 lb kettlebell instead of the 35 lb barbell, but it wasn’t really any easier and I switched back to the barbell. In conclusion, I’m giving myself credit for doing it Rx’d). 32:41.

    I did not enjoy this WOD, but I LOVE working out in the gym!!!

  7. Justin Vaught says:

    Black WOD , Not as RX’d (35 lb Barbell)

    Not my favorite workout but it sure wasn’t boring (btw CF never is)! Good to learn a new movement, especially one that requires flexibility. Keep punishing the weaknesses…take your pick, I’ve got a lot to choose from!

  8. Jaime says:

    Black WOD as Rxd: 19:09
    Killer shoulder workout!! And I just have to say I didn’t realize how much you need your abs for Turkish get-ups until today (mine r SO sore from the last 2 days 🙂 )

    I was also very impressed with everyone this morning on the tough workout – great work and fast learners! Yea for the new gym, and yea for all the new posters 🙂
    Oh yeah, Justin – all of us out in “post land” want to know what you did AND your result too 😉 …today I’ll assume 10 rounds!!!

  9. Shelley Noyce says:

    Grey WOD as Rx’d 8:19
    I really enjoyed learning a new movement. I think I might even try it again later today as a Blue/Grey WOD (I want to try to use the 15lb bar for both movements). That may be a bit ambitious but it doesn’t hurt to try (actually, it may really hurt tomorrow).

    Welcoming to the land of posting Janet and Joanie!!!!

  10. Deb Riehm says:

    Grey WOD as Rx’d 8:53
    This is my first time posting so hopefully it will be right. Today’s WOD was awesome! I really like how every move uses multiple muscle groups. Jaime and Bobby did a great job teaching us the new moves and making sure we were doing it right as we went. Love the new gym!

  11. Carla says:

    Sorry Bobby — I was going to post my time today (which I think was 8:42), but I’ve forgotten the time now. I also ‘cheated’, but not on purpose — thought we were doing 7 on the last rep, supposed to do 9. (I did do them, but my time had already stopped!) Thought I was doing too well today!! Can’t wait for tomorrow! I LOVE your new facility! Congrats!

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