“Working WOD” Weekend

This Friday (August 27) will be a REST DAY for all class times.  However, if anyone is looking for a workout…

 Anyone interested in helping out at the gym, we will be over there starting at 6:30 am on Friday all day.  Hopefully the floor will be down by then, so the various tasks we might have to do include:

  • putting together & setting up all the new equipment
  • cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning
  • moving the garage gym equipment over
  • moving some office furniture and misc things over
  • and lots more!

We will also be working all weekend, Saturday and Sunday, so check back here for times.  We really appreciate all the offers to help out getting everything ready to open next week!

Here are a few recent pictures of how the floor is coming!

…Bobby looks like he needs some help 🙂

Floor’s coming along!!

Might just start looking like a gym soon!!

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