“I have been a part of CrossFit515 for about 6 months. My son Justin and his wife Lindsay are Coaches at 515 and encouraged me on the benefits and success I could feel with CrossFit in my life. I was a 53 year old overweight woman that really never considered the word “exercise” to be part of my vocabulary. I was doubtful and even terrified that I could even be remotely successful.
I finally decided to give it a try and first entered the gym on March 7, 2011. I really was intimidated. That feeling was soon replaced with support, encouragement and confidence that CrossFit515 was a place I could feel success every WOD was scalable and I was finding myself excited and pushing myself to always do better.
Since I’ve joined CrossFit515 six months ago I’ve not only increased my weight loss and lost several inches but more importantly I feel fantastic about what I’ve accomplished. “I can’t” has become “I can.” The environment at CrossFit515 is really not about how great or how fit you are that’s a goal of course. But it’s more important on how each and everyone makes progress and pushes themselves to a higher level. Everyone supports everyone else no matter what their skill or ability is. That’s unique.
I realize that my journey to being totally “fit” is a process and I have a lot to accomplish. But, I’m pleased to say that like Justin and Lindsay, I myself have gotten just a little “obsessed” about CrossFit! I now plan my weekly schedule on when I can be at the gym and record my progress every workout. I feel great and very motivated.
CrossFit515 is an awesome, supportive and exciting place to be. “

I have only been doing CrossFit for a few months, but I am already completely hooked. I have always worked out and been in good shape, so it is amazing to constantly see improvements in every aspect of my fitness since I started doing CrossFit. I used to think that I had to workout at least 60 minutes to get a good workout, so I was skeptical about the quick, under 10 minute WODs. I have definitely been proven wrong!
A little background: I played softball and ran cross country in high school. In college, I ran three marathons (and several half marathons). While training for the 2006 Boston marathon, running 50+ miles per week took its toll on my body, and I was unable to run for about 4 months with a knee injury and unable to compete in Boston. After recovering, I continued to run, do cardio machines, and lift weights but was more or less just maintaining my fitness level.
At the beginning of this year, I decided to try something new and got the P90X DVDs. I began that about the time my family started doing CrossFit (I was living out in Denver for law school). I followed the full 90 day method (60-90 minutes per day, 6 days a week). It was a welcome break from my typical routine, and in some ways I would compare P90X to CrossFit, but there is no way a DVD program can offer the variety of workouts, intensity, and atmosphere that CrossFit has to offer. Also, I was not seeing anywhere near the improvements that my sister (Jaime) was seeing from doing CrossFit. (I would say my brother, Bobby, too, but he is superhuman and doesn’t count).
When I moved back to Des Moines at the beginning of the summer, I was worried that I would not have the time or motivation I would usually devote to working out because I was starting a new job, buying and moving into a new house, and studying for the bar exam. I found that it was easy to make the time for CrossFit because the WODs are usually quick, and I am excited for each day’s workout.
The atmosphere of working out with other CrossFitters is the number one thing that sold me on CrossFit. Having that encouragement and friendly competition has made me push myself harder than I ever would while working out alone. CrossFit is unlike anything I have ever tried before, and I don’t think I will ever look back. My running has even improved, and I am only running at most a couple of times a week. I am confident that anyone willing to give CrossFit a try and work hard will see results fast and will have fun doing it.”

PETER FERRELL (On the Right)
“As a former Division III college football player I have found Crossfit to be a worthwhile, efficient way to increase my fitness and reduce my weight. I have lost 50 pounds since beginning a Crossfit regimen and I am in the best shape of my life. In football I was an offensive linemen who could not do pull ups or run under a 9 minute mile, the normal physical ability of a lineman. Since starting Crossfit I can now perform multiple pull-ups, run a 6:30 minute mile all while maintaining the strength I built during my football career.
Another thing Crossfit has helped me with is by compensating for the daily competition I enjoyed while playing football. I am clearly a NCAA athlete “going pro in something other than sports” but Crossfit has helped me deal with this by fulfilling my competitive needs. I also enjoy the discipline, camaraderie, and hard-work that I experience every time I show up for a WOD. It is a great place to workout, compete, and get into great shape. I am in the kind of shape I thought would never be possible.
Beyond the workout Crossfit has motivated me to adopt the “paleo diet” which has been fundamental in my weight loss. Through eating right, as well as completing intense Crossfit workouts I have noticed a huge improvement in my mood and overall enjoyment of life. I would highly recommend Crossfit to anyone, from former athletes to wannabe former couch potatoes, every workout can be scaled to ability and the support from others is amazing.”

“I am a fairly active 58 year old woman who has primarily played a lot of tennis and participated in yoga for the past several decades.
I knew I was ready for something different. I wanted to “jump start” my system again and felt that I was at a real plateau both physically and mentally.
I was intrigued by CrossFit after seeing how motivated and enthusiastic my friend Shelley was after having done CrossFit for several months.
She was right!
I have been doing CrossFit now since the beginning of the summer. I am able to do things I never would have thought I could! It is a great feeling of accomplishment to feel like you are continually growing , and that is what the instructors do so well for us. I love the variety everyday, and they work hard on teaching us good technique, motivate us while we are “in action” and adapt each work out for our ages and individual “injuries” we may have. I really appreciate that.
It helps so much having a group of fun people to work out and I know that I would never do this on my own. I have seen results all ready. I have lost several pounds which I have not been able to do for a decade and on my small frame, I can tell a difference.
More importantly, I start the day with good endorphins and that is worth more than physical changes to me.”

“I started CrossFit about 4 months ago at the encouragement of two of my children at first, and then my wife. I’m nearly 55 years old, and have always tried to keep myself in good physical condition. I used to run 3 or 4 miles several times a week, but had to give that up a few years ago because of knee and hip joint pain; so up until I started CrossFit my workouts were mainly biking, rowing machine, crunches and some light weightlifting. I also enjoy golf.
It didn’t take me long to become a huge CrossFit fan. I love the variety of the workouts, focusing on different movements and muscles each time. For me, that keeps it fun, interesting and challenging. Plus, I feel that I have improved my technique on several lifts and motions where I had never had proper instruction like deadlifts, snatches and even squats.
I could name several areas where I would say that CrossFit training has benefited me, but I’ll name my top three:
1. My upper body strength has improved dramatically. On day one, I needed a strap in order to do a pull-up. Now I can do workouts that include 40 or 50 unassisted pull-ups, and can do 8 unbroken. Plus, I’ve done a pull-up wearing a 40 pound weight vest; and I feel like more improvement is forthcoming.
2. Although my muscles are sore from time to time because of working different muscle groups, I don’t have as much joint pain. One of the workouts was a 5 kilometer run, which I did without stopping; something I didn’t think I would ever do again. I attribute this to two things. First, there is no constant strain on one part of the body that I used to get from running or riding a bike every day. Second, there has been a noticeable strengthening of the muscles around the joint areas.
3. I’m hitting the golf ball as well and as far as I ever have (let me caveat that by confessing that I am a low double digit handicap golfer, so by no means great). Nonetheless, I attribute the improvement to the combination of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance that comes from CrossFit training.”