Yoga for CrossFit Athletes

Yoga classes are held at CrossFit 515 and led by instructor Ryan Esdohr. Yoga for CrossFit Athletes is every Thursday at 8:30 AM  and you can sign up here.

Cost: $10 per session for 515 members and $15 for

Ryan’s goal is to optimize the human experience and then simplify it. His experiences pushing his mind and body to the limits have helped give him the data needed to optimize recovery and injury prevention. We are excited to have him on board to help us all treat our bodies to some active recovery and necessary mobility work.

Yoga for CrossFit Athletes isn’t your typical yoga session. Ryan developed this program with his experience in CrossFit and dealing with CrossFit athletes. These sessions are designed to translate well to what we do in the gym. Some of the things Ryan focuses on are:

Pelvic and Shoulder Stabilization – Focusing on pelvic stabilization helps overcome developing inefficient compensation patterns.
Eliminating Pain – In any sport there is a certain level of physical sacrifice to compete at the highest level. Ryan has spent the last 6 years helping professional athletes minimize injuries through soft tissue manipulation.
Adaptability – Stable positions are crucial in all athletic movements. The idea is to perform poses that will translate directly to sport and life.