Black/Blue/Grey WODs


Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups (with Band) (Ring Rows)
30 Push-ups (from Knees)
40 Sit-ups (Ab-Mat)
50 Squats

*Cut Reps in Half for each movement if needed

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Post times to comments.

November “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for November

–  Kelli – “Kelly” as Rx’d
–  Adam M. – Fran in 3:18
–  Taylor – 130# Split Jerk x 2
–  Brian S. – Strict Muscle Up
–  Jordanne – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Jess – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Meghan – 95# Snatch
–  Kelsey – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Aryn – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Joe K. – Bar Muscle Up!!
–  Mark – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Jaime – 14 Consecutive Strict Handstand Push Ups
–  Nathan – 1st Bar Muscle Up!
–  Josh – 1st Bar Muscle Up!
–  Reid – 1st Muscle Up!
–  Jim – No Foot Rope Climbs
–  Justin V. – 225# Split Jerk
–  Nathan – 1st Muscle Up!!
–  Josh – 1st Muscle Up!!
–  Patrick – Bar Muscle Up!
–  Jordan – Bar Muscle Up!
–  Van – 1st Muscle Up!
–  Adam P. – 200# Clean!
–  Josh – 1st Musle Up!
–  Jordan – Bar Muscle Up!
–  Justin P. – 13 Consecutive Bar Muscle Ups

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29 Responses to 11/14/12

  1. Bobby says:

    stole this from my cousin on fbook, very very cool


  2. Todd says:

    Barbara: 29:45.

  3. Billy says:

    “Ralph” Rx’d – 16:12

    Felt good before, during and after this one…well maybe not so much after. But from a healthy joint standpoint, it was the best I’ve felt in a while….thanks Lance, for all your help.

  4. Lauren says:

    “Barbara” in 31:43. Butterflies were on today. Great job to all the 8:30 ladies! ESP Melissa who tackled my arch nemesis Fran!

  5. Meghan McCoy says:

    Barbara rxd 49:28

    Was very close I tearing in 6 different places, my hands HURT! Very glad I was able to preserve them, especially with bowling night this Friday.

  6. Annette says:

    Barbara (Rx): 39:22. Over 8 minutes PR from March when I used bands for pullups and some of the pushups were on my knees!! 🙂 Super happy about that.

  7. Justin says:

    Crazy efforts from everyone on Barbara this morning. I will give it a go this weekend. I needed to be able to think straight today and that one crushes my soul.

    AMRAP 10:
    15 power cleans (95#)
    30 Dubz

    7 rounds + 11 PC – Just what I needed getting back into it

  8. Lindsay says:

    Barbara rx’d 38:02. Hardest part for me was sit-ups (thanks a lot, Landon). Thanks for the much needed encouragement on my last few rounds, Todd!

  9. Michelle says:

    “Barbara” 43:39 2 min slower than March :/ my hands are super sore from t2b yesterday, pull-ups were almost impossible!

  10. Leann says:

    Barbara Rx’d 41:03. 27 second pr from March. I knew this one wasn’t going to go my way when I got the EXACT same time on the first round as I had in March! But, pulled it out for a small pr. Mad at myself for slacking on my paleo… it showed 😉

  11. Mindy says:

    Barbara rx’d 44:20, 7:58 faster than in March!

  12. Tiffany Kragnes says:

    38:41, good base and I’m hoping for PR’s next time like ya’ll beasts today!!! 🙂

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