Black/Blue/Grey WODs


10 Rounds For Time:
150m Run
7 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups (Normal PU’s) (with Bands)
7 Front Squats (135/95) (95/65) (65/45)
7 Handstand Push Ups (Ab-Mats Under Head) (Feet on Box)

September “COOL” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for September

–  Bobby – 515# Deadlift
–  Jaime – 10 Consecutive Muscle Ups
–  Taylor – Kipping HSPU (no abmat)
–  Shelley – 50 Double Unders
–  Brian – 29 Double Unders
–  Janet – Helen as Rx’d!
–  Monique – Christine as Rx’d!
–  Michelle – OHS 160# x 3
–  Lindsay – OHS 145#
–  Shelley – OHS 115# x 3
–  Annette – OHS 125# x 2&5/6
–  John – OHS 205# x 3
–  Jaime – OHS 175# x 3
–  Bobby – C&J 285#
–  Kady – OHS 165# x 2
–  Shelley – Kip Up!
–  Annette – 105# Snatch

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26 Responses to 9/11/12

  1. Todd says:

    Bulger, as rx’d: 30:30. Wow.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Bulger rx’d (kipping hspus) – 27:26. Yes, Todd, WOW. Over 5 min faster than when I did this one in November 2010 🙂

  3. Mindy says:

    Bulger rx’d (kipping hspu) 52:15 hspu really became a challenge after 5 rounds, but I was happy to do this one rx’d!

  4. Bobby says:

    Bulger rx’d – 42:32 I’ve never done this one before and I’m just happy to finish it rx’d….ouch!

  5. Ben says:

    rx’d 25:11. i think i did the first 5 rounds in just under 10 mins. as you can see, i slowed way down!

  6. Jaime says:

    “Bulger” as Rx’d (w strict HSPUs) – 28:58
    Lots of HSPUs, but good workout and great way to start today off…what a special honor to do a hero WOD today. Nice work, everyone.

  7. Michelle says:

    “Bulger” rx’d (kipping HPSUs ) 44:03

  8. Meghan McCoy says:

    Thanks to some excellent coaching advice I did a scaled version of today’s workout

    5 rounds, butterfly pull-ups, 75# front, 2 ab mat HSPU -10:??

  9. Tiffany Kragnes says:

    Wowsa…..pull ups with bands, 65 lb front squats and feet on box….22:28..

    I think my goal for this month is to try and do one handstand, forget about hspu…I just wanna get a handstand!

  10. Lauren says:

    Bugler rx’d 31:11. Great way to honor the heroes of 9/11, our service members who continue to protect this amazing country & most importantly the fallen who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Loved being with all of you tonight and cannot wait to see you again next month. Although I hate that I will be unable to be at the big event Saturday I think it’s amazing what we you’re doing gor the Wounded Warriors. It is truly a testament to what an awesome gym and group of athletes we have. I will be thinking of all of you when I am woding in the great wide open. Miss 515 already 🙁

    • Jordanne says:

      /leg cling
      Thank you for the motivation today – your new box is very, very lucky to have you :3

      • Lauren says:

        The box will be in my garage so I fully expect to get the occasional motivational message from all y’all to make sure I’m doing my wods, hitting my goals&getting PR’s. It definitely won’t be the same without you all there to tell me I’m not tired, pick up the bar or just one more round/ rep. Kinda luv u guys! Sniff sniff :'(

    • taylor says:

      Greatjob Lauren and thanks for your service!!

      • Lauren says:

        Back @ ya lady! You looked pretty snazzy in your Class A’s btw. Can’t wait to train with you next month!

    • Meghan McCoy says:

      Going to miss you tons, best wishes!

      • Lauren says:

        Don’t kick me to the curb yet! I will be back for an entire month in Oct and plan on coming in 3x a day so you will def see me again. Plus you’re all going to take a 515 road trip out to Wyoming to come visit me 🙂

  11. Jordanne says:

    Bulger – banded kipping chest-to-bar (is that even a thing??) pullups; 75# front squats; feet on box – 34:42

    T rex + picker-upper = unstoppable

  12. Leann says:

    Did Mary rx’d for the first time last night… so no hspu’s or pullups today for this girl today.

    Did a wod that I missed last month. 10 x 400m runs with 2 minute rests in 34:26. Didn’t really think much of it till I got a little closer look and triple checked my Missouri math skills— Wow! I’ve gotten a lot faster! Who’d a thought! Crossfit works and really how often do we run?

    • Lauren says:

      You’re a fast little kitten there missy 🙂 I better keep get my garage gym set up quick so I can keep up when I come back in Oct.

  13. taylor says:

    bulger 29:32 all blue today.

  14. Kady says:

    Bulger as rx’d (kipping hspu) 25:17

    ditto to Laurens post… don’t want to leave 🙁 at least I know I’ll be back in April!

    • Lauren says:

      At least you have a box or 3 to choose from. Soooo jealous! But good news is Southwest flies from Salt Lake to the Sunshine State & come November Des Moines – fairly cheap so we can do beach Wods w/ you & mountain Wods w/ me 😉