Black/Blue/Grey WODs


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters (or Row) (or 400 Jump Rope)
Kettlebell swing, 30 reps (70/53) (53/35) (35/26)
30 Pull-ups (with Band) (Ring Rows)

Lucas Zepeda 34:04, Tyler Hinz 38:24, Matt Bischel 44:11.
Post time to comments.

December “Cool” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for December

–  Annette – 1st Rope Climb!
–  Janet – C&J 75#
–  Meghan – C&J 110#
–  Annette – C&J 105#
–  Ash – C&J 225#
–  Ben – C&J 245#
–  Jim – C&J 170#
–  Bob – C&J 170#
–  Mike F. – 1st Muscle Up!!!
–  RossBoss – 265# C&J

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25 Responses to 12/5/11

  1. Todd says:

    Eva, as rx’d: 44:50.

  2. Ash says:

    Saterday’s WOD as Rx’d – 10 rounds plus 14 Push-ups.

    • Ash says:

      Jaime is trying to make us look like cheaters?! 🙂 I had 2500m on the rower plus 14 pu’s, so I guess that would be 9 complete rounds plus 14 pu’s.

  3. Jaime says:

    “Eva” as Rx’d – 38:55 ..PR by 4 minutes 🙂

  4. Billy says:

    Saturday’s WOD as Rx’d – 11 Rds. + 17 Push-ups.

  5. Michelle says:

    “Eva” 53:47 tried rx’d pull-ups that didn’t last to long (or more like took way too long) so I scaled to blue band pull-ups. Otherwise weight & run as rx’d.

  6. Adam S says:

    Eva with 53# KB swings

  7. Lindsay says:

    Eva w/ 35# KB (the scaling has begun) – 47:51. Previous rx’d time on 2/17/11 – 42:10. These long, long workouts are not my thing anymore, and I think I know who to blame …

  8. Bobby says:

    As Rx’d- 31:47 (KB swings unbroken, a small victory in an overall weak effort con mi a hoy)

  9. Mindy says:

    Eva – 35# swings, blue band pull-ups finished somewhere around 48:00 I think.

  10. Travis says:

    not gonna lie about todays wod this was a real kick in the **** rx’d 42:10. enough said.

  11. Shelley says:

    “Eva” – 56:13 rowing (by default), 35# KB The highlight for me was being able to do 150 pull ups (even though it took forever….especially the last set)

  12. Annette says:

    Today’s WOD (Scaled & re-characterized as a 34:00 AMRAP) due to time constraints. I would have had to arrive at the gym around 4:30 am to finish this on time, I fear. I rowed, used the 35# KB and stepped up a notch on the bands (red+purple) for pullups and still spent far too much time trying to eek them out: Finished 3 rounds + row + kb swings in under 34:00.

    I have accepted that I have to scale these workouts (for now) but I don’t like not doing the whole thing – so thanks, Jaime for the “re-characterization”. Also, my rounds are correct, I was extra careful to keep track because I couldn’t count on Jaime to keep track for me. She was busy … lapping me. 😉

    • Jaime says:

      Haha, you’re too funny Annette! Great job and thanks for being the only one cutting me any slack today it seems 🙂

  13. Meghan McCoy says:

    “Eva” running, 45# KB, and dips with the red band 36:56

    Thanks Z for pointing out that I used 45# I can’t seem to add or count when it comes to CrossFit. Lets hope I have better luck on my math final next week.

  14. Ben says:

    Eva rx’d 48:09. Second WOD of the day. Soooooo cold! Left quad cramped up on the last two rounds. Didn’t like the cold to hot changes.

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