Erica’s 33rd Birthday WOD

4 Rounds For Time of:

33 Air Squats
10 Push Press (115/75) (75/55) (55/35)
6 Burpees
11 KB Swings (53/35) (35/26) (26/18)

October “Cool” Board

***Make some goals for yourself for October

–  Team 515 – Won the Life AsRx Chicago Competition!!!
–  Chelsea – 1st Kipping Pull Up!
-  Billy – 101 Consecutive Double Unders

-  Travis – 5 Consecutive Muscle Ups

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16 Responses to 10/6/11

  1. Adam P says:

    Erica’s b-day wod as RX’d = 8:08.

  2. Shelley says:

    Happy birthday, Erica! Your birthday WOD looks like a good one (I’m sure everyone is looking forward to more squats). Unfortunately I’m in Chicago so will be visiting a Crossfit here. Enjoy your special day!

  3. John Jackovin says:

    Erica’s Birthday WOD: 7:38

  4. Lindsay says:

    Erica’s b-day wod – 7:58. Definitely a quad killer after Stacey on Tues! I think I need to get faster at air squats.

  5. Jaime says:

    Happy Birthday, Erica!!! Good workout 🙂

    Erica’s BDay WOD as Rx’d – 6:44

  6. Jaime says:

    Shelley found this. Pretty funny article, because it’s so true 🙂

  7. Ash says:

    Mainsite WOD w/ pull-ups: 10:55

  8. Justin says:

    “The End” – 74/125/17:21

    Did much better than last time on the 3 and 6 min amraps but hit a triple brick wall on the entire chipper. Last time I got 69/116/15:47. Two out of three ain’t bad.

    Happy b-day Erica!

  9. Adam S says:

    Erica’s B-Day WOD : 9:17

    Legs are still smoked from Stacey…

  10. Bart says:

    Nice workout Erica!

    Erica’s B-Day WOD – 6:24

  11. Lance says:

    Happy Birthday Erica!

  12. Ben says:

    sorry i missed your birthday yesterday. fun wod though. i did it the next day and got 9:02. happy birthday erica!

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